What does Reiki involve?

As part of our commitment to being the best naturopath center in Adelaide, Vitality Health SA offers all levels of Reiki training. Reiki is a Japanese system of natural healing, first developed by Japanese Buddhist Mikao Usui. It involves summoning the universal life force and using the earth’s positive energy fields, which are then channeled into the body to aid healing. As well as its healing properties, this technique also promotes stress reduction and relaxation. This process allows the body to perform its natural functions in the most efficient manner. The practice of Reiki involves a hands-on or palm-healing approach. When hands are laid upon the body in the correct way, healing energy can be transferred for the benefits of yourself and others. Reiki is holistic in nature, and can be used to address issues of a mental, spiritual or physical nature.  Patients report feelings of emotional happiness and overall wellbeing upon leaving a session. It has been used for centuries all around the world to great effect. Learn more about the practice or even how to become a Reiki Master yourself from our popular Adelaide naturopath clinic.

Learn Reiki for yourself and those around you

The dynamic naturopath team in Adelaide at Vitality Health SA offers three individualized Reiki courses for students wishing to learn the ancient practice and harness the energy of the earth.  Our courses neither require nor assume any previous experience of Reiki training or knowledge. This means that everyone begins on the same page, and you can choose to proceed with as much training as you desire. We welcome all age groups and all ability levels to come together in learning Reiki. You may wish to simply learn the foundations and philosophy of the practice, or become experienced enough to become a Reiki healer yourself. A basic understanding of Reiki, as taught by the most respected and best naturopath in Adelaide, allows a student to enjoy a lifetime of enhanced wellbeing, and to transfer this knowledge on to those around them.

During a Reiki course, students are taught both theory and practice of Reiki over one or two days. You will learn about the history of the Reiki founder, the underlying principles and philosophies of a specific branch of Reiki, and instruction on how to perform Reiki on yourself and others.  Finally, you will have the opportunity to apply your knowledge and practice self-treatment and healing of others in the course. Each level of Reiki training delivers highly practical skills for use in everyday life. Reiki classes will provide students with everything they need to begin using and experiencing the wonderful benefits of Usui Reiki. The teaching of Reiki is remarkably simple, and does not rely on any specific spiritual development or experience.

Professional Reiki courses from a local Adelaide naturopath

Dannielle Archer is an accredited Reiki Master and is currently offering Reiki classes for anyone and everyone.  Dannielle looks forward to guiding students toward a deeply personal connection with the earth and its energy through Reiki healing. If you would like to ask more about Dannielle’s Reiki path and lineage, or have any questions about your own Reiki journey, please get in touch with Vitality Health SA, the leading naturopath in Adelaide.

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