Natural Fertility and Pre-Conception Care

Natural fertility Adelaide for couples

As a qualified naturopath, I am able to support you and your partner right from the very start with natural fertility and pre-conception care. As soon as you feel ready to start a family, it’s important to have a consultation about pre-conception care. In this first phase together we will come up with a plan to improve your overall health and fertility, as well as focusing on a few key nutrients that are crucial for the healthy growth and development of our baby as soon as conception occurs. I know the process can be a little daunting – but don’t worry, I’m here for you every step of the way, and we are in this together. To learn more about natural fertility in Adelaide, phone Vitality Health SA on 0432 541 629.

Why am I passionate about natural fertility for Adelaide couples?

In my time working in the field of natural health, I have seen too many women unable to have children through conventional methods. The struggle that so many couples endure whilst trying to create a family is absolutely heartbreaking, and I don’t want you to be one of those couples. I am here to help you learn all about your body and how you can support it naturally throughout conception, pregnancy, and motherhood. One of my main interests around fertility is the MTHFR genetic variant and the effect that it can have on both male and female fertility. Did you know that over half of the population has this genetic variant? MTHFR has a range of implications, with poor male fertility and recurrent miscarriages being just a couple of them. I am here to help you bring your own little bundle of joy into this world and shower them with the love and adoration that only parents can give.

How Vitality Health SA can help you once you are pregnant?

Falling pregnant is wonderful news! At Vitality Health SA, I can provide you with consultations throughout your pregnancy to ensure you and your baby are as healthy as can be. I am also qualified to provide pregnancy massage, which can help to reduce back pain, and treat fluid retention and swelling. It is not uncommon for women to struggle with nausea, morning sickness, reflux and other symptoms as their bodies adapt to the changes that pregnancy brings, and there are natural options that can help you. Natural medicines are a beautiful, safe, and gentle way to restore balance to your body during this time, without any risk to your baby. I have been highly trained in the risk factors and safety concerns around pregnancy, and supplementation is only used when absolutely necessary. You can rest assured that the health of you and your baby is always my number one priority.

Natural therapies are also supportive after childbirth for both you and your baby

Depending on your situation, I am available to help you adapt both physically and mentally to the task of motherhood. Natural medicines can be used to increase breast milk production, treat colic and stomach upsets, alleviate constipation for either your or your baby, treat cradle cap and eczema, identify food intolerances, and so much more. I also see a lot of children in my clinic, and am able to support your little one throughout their early years.

I am SO passionate about helping women just like you to overcome your health obstacles and become a mother, just like you always dreamed. So, are you ready to change your fate? Are you ready to understand how YOUR body works and how YOU can create a healthy environment for conception and pregnancy? Are you ready to take this beautiful journey towards motherhood? I hope so – because I’m ready to guide and support you every step of the way! Motherhood is incredibly powerful, beautiful, and turbulent, so whether you are considering starting a family, or you’re struggling to conceive and wish to find out about natural fertility, make an appointment in Adelaide by calling me on 0432 541 629, and together we will get you to your healthiest, most fertile self.