Welcome to Vitality Health SA. The hub of natural health and wellness in Adelaide's southern suburbs, specialising in women's health and fertility, weight loss, digestive health, children's health and more! Online Skype consultations are also available.

Vitality Health SA is passionate about natural fertility. Too many women today are struggling to conceive naturally, and the power of natural therapies in fertility cannot be denied. Naturopathic treatments combining herbal and nutritional medicine focus on improving hormonal health, reducing oxidative stress in the body and preparing your body for pregnancy. Working with both you and your partner, Dannielle will support your health and fertility to bring a healthy, happy baby into the world.


Clinical testing is available at Vitality Health SA for a number of complaints, including MTHFR, food intolerances, detection of parasites and worms, hormone testing, thyroid function, vitamin D levels, pyrroles, and much more. After thorough analysis, Dannielle will utilise scientifically-proven natural remedies to support your body back to better health.  Iridology (iris analysis) is also utilised in the clinic as a traditional method of health assessment.


Your digestive health is integral to the health of your entire body. Did you know that 80% of your immune system comes from your gut? And if your gut isn’t healthy, you can’t absorb nutrients from the food that you’re eating – possibly leading to deficiencies. Bloating, constipation and general discomfort are all signs that your digestive system may need some support – natural medicine is a safe, gentle and incredibly effective option for treating digestive complaints.

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Vitality Health SA


Why Choose Us ?

At Vitality Health SA, we are passionate about helping everyday people like yourself live healthier, happier lives.  With over five years experience in the health and wellbeing industry, university qualifications, and a genuine, practical approach to health, we really are the number one choice for all things natural health.  Plus, we keep our prices affordable and will never prescribe you unnecessary supplements.  Our specialties include weight loss, children’s health, digestive health and food intolerances, and stress & anxiety management.

Using herbal medicine, nutritional supplements and dietary changes, as well as lifestyle advice, our passion is to help you live a healthier, happier life!  Visit us and find out the Vitality Health difference for yourself.

Your local naturopaths Adelaide, helping put you on the path to better health

My name is Danni Archer, and I started Vitality Health SA because I am passionate about helping everyday people like yourself to live a healthier and happier life. As a fully qualified naturopath Adelaide, I have over five years experience in the health and well-being industry. I strongly believe in taking a genuine, practical approach to your health, and I can assist you with a range of naturopathy Adelaide. My areas of expertise include weight loss, children’s health, digestive health and food intolerances, stress and anxiety management, natural fertility, performing remedial massage, and teaching Reiki courses. I’m here to help put your health and well-being back in your hands. Call me today on 0432 541 629.

Naturopaths Adelaide can assist you with natural alternatives

Many clients come to me because they have tried everything else. If you have become frustrated, naturopathy Adelaide could be what you need to make a real difference. Using herbal medicine, nutritional supplements, dietary changes and lifestyle advice, I am able to guide you on your journey to better health. My Adelaide clinic based in the beautiful beachside suburb of Hove in South Australia, is a calming environment that is perfect for my naturopathic consultations focused on nutrition, and utilising modalities such as herbal medicine, iridology and Bach flower essence therapy. Like majority of naturopaths Adelaide, I take great care of my clients throughout Adelaide. Whether you have a specific condition, unexplained symptoms, or you simply want to discuss with me how you can improve and maintain your health, I have the dedication, experience and advice to help guide you through.

I’m proud to be an Adelaide naturopath, with a healing touch

As well as a complete range of naturopathy Adelaide, I can assist you with remedial massage. My unique system of remedial massage techniques works to effectively restore function to muscles, reduce tension and pain, and relieve discomfort. Remedial massage is more about restorative care rather than simply relaxing. Movement, heat and other individualised factors come together to heal the body at a cellular level, providing noticeable improvements in your mobility and flexibility. I ensure that my remedial massage is highly focused on you throughout your entire treatment. Call me any time to experience how naturopathy, massage, and Reiki services in Adelaide, can help you.

The best naturopath Adelaide for Reiki courses

As well as the best naturopath Adelaide, I believe in training my clients to take Reiki into their own hands. Reiki is a Japanese system of natural healing which has healing properties, as well as promoting stress reduction and relaxation. Involving a hands-on or palm-healing approach, the process of Reiki allows the body to perform its natural functions in the most efficient manner. When hands are laid upon the body in the correct way, healing energy can be transferred for the benefits of yourself and others. Reiki is holistic in nature, and can be used to address issues of a mental, spiritual, or physical nature. Used for centuries all around the world, my Reiki clients report feelings of emotional happiness and overall well-being upon leaving a session with me. I’m more than happy to pass my Reiki knowledge onto clients interested in learning the art of themselves, and making a difference to their own lives.

Vitality Health SA is my passion, and I love being able to assist people every day by doing what I love most. I get so much pleasure seeing the positive steps my clients are able to take in session, continuing well after they have walked out the door. Because I want to reach as many clients as I can, I do understand that not everyone is able to make it to my clinic for an in person consultation. This is why I also offer online Skype consultations for clients that require naturopathy services outside of Adelaide. For more information about my convenient Skype sessions or my naturopath services based in Adelaide, please call me on 0432 541 629, and let’s have a chat about taking the next step forward in your health and well-being journey.